Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Jesus You Can't Ignore

"Spiritual truth is not "academic" .... What you believe about God is the most important feature of your whole worldview. Look at it this way: of all the things you might ever study or reflect on, nothing could possibly be greater than God. So your view of Him automatically has more far-reaching ramifications than anything else in your belief system. What you think of God will automatically color how you think about everything else - especially how you prioritize values; how you determine right and wrong; and how you think of your own place in the universe. That in turn will surely determine how you act...."* writes John MacArthur.

Yes, Jesus is most often remembered as a meek and humble teacher who lovingly healed the sick, calmed the fears of his followers, and turned the other cheek. The author acknowledges these attributes, however, he seems to place more value and importance on the violent and angry actions of The Son of God.
The Jesus You Can Ignore is a detailed look at scriptures, paying special attention to the gospels and is informative and at times well-written but the book lacks balance. The author clearly and often pushes his interpretation of what is important for Christians to know ... and how to live their faith. John MacArthur comes across as passionate about his beliefs, yet impatient with Christians who have a more personal relationship with the gentle Jesus.

Note: This book was provided by the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for review.