Monday, October 6, 2008

Write Your Life Story

A number of years ago, I was asked by the then Director of Community Services at HCC Kay Ramage, to create a "memoir class" for their Spring Senior’s Week (senior citizens that is). And so the first Write Your Life Story class was assembled. Those early morning classes were full of eager storytellers. Bittersweet tales about first romances and current loves were shared. Growing up in a steel town was described. We heard descriptions of going to war and coming home. Stories about sisters and brothers, children, grandchildren and beloved parents were remembered. Descriptions of living in distant a distant city or a foreign country. Or growing up on a farm. Accounts of happiness and hardships. Prosperity and poverty. Wonderful memories and not so wonderful times. As stories were exchanged I could see heads nodding in agreement. Stories may differ but feelings are universal. I’ve never forgotten the students or their stories.

Everyone has a story. The next memoir class begins Friday, October 24th (10/24-12/12) at 9:00 a.m. - noon. Fallston Hall, Room 103. Write Your Life Story Course number 45606. Hope to see you there!


ChicChick said...

What's interesting about most people, is that they think they have no story to tell, or that it's not interesting or exciting. But everyone has a story--sometimes many stories--which are fascinating. I wish I lived close enough to attend your class!

Joyce Seabolt said...

Dear Patricia,

WOW!I'm impressed! Your own blog?

I'd be glad to share any info your readers may find interesting.

I just got back from the Sandy Cove conference. An editor liked the story idea I pitched and I'm working on it for submission.

The teachers were great but you are still the best teacher I ever had.