Saturday, October 18, 2008

Your Chance to Interview a Professional...

Do you have questions about writing? Need advice oncrafting writing magazine articles that sell? Ever wanted to be published in any of the Chicken Soup books? Wondered about entering a writing contest or two? Need help getting started....

Peggy is a talented, award-winning writer from New York. She writes fiction and nonfiction stories and articles for many popular magazines. Her work has appeared in numerous editions of Chicken Soup. She also interviews others and ghostwrites their stories. Peggy has agreed to answer any questions you might have about writing, marketing, and publishing.

Take advantage of getting feedback from a professional writer.

Please send your questions to .

I'll forward them to Peggy in early November.


The Treadmill Tribune said...

Hi Patricia! I sent you an email with questions - thanks for the opportunity! Also, thanks for the heads up about John Grogan. I watched it online this evening. I can't wait to read his new book!


Patricia said...

Hi Jen,

Can you send the questions again?