Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Endangered Species by Lawrence Grobel

"Norman Mailer once told Lawrence Grobel that writers may be an endangered species. And Saul Bellow told him, "The country has changed so, that what I do no longer signifies anything, as it did when I was young." But to judge from this collection, writers and writing aren't done for quite yet. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes caustic, always passionate, the twelve writers in Endangered Species memorably state their case for what they do and how they do it. And they even offer an opinion or two about other writers and about the entire publishing food chain: from agents to publishers to booksellers to critics to readers. Not surprisingly, it makes for some great reading." (taken from the back cover)

The subtitle is "Writers Talk About Their Craft, Their Visions, Their Lives"

A book for those who are interested in some of the 20th Century's most notable authors.

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