Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Peggy, I've been a freelancer for almost a decade."

Kate asks:
"I’ve been a freelancer for almost a decade. I previously wrote for mostly secular publications, but I’ve more recently started writing for Catholic media. I’d like to broaden the markets I pursue to include Christian media and would love the opportunity to write for publication with wide Christian appeal like Guideposts. Any tips on how to best break into a market like this aside from following the writers guidelines closely? Do they have any perennial editorial needs I might be able to fulfill? Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with all of us!"

Dear Kate,
I’m glad you enjoy Guideposts magazine. The best way to break into Guideposts is to enter their contest, which is offered every-other year. Twelve or so lucky writers (out of thousands who enter!) are given a one week hands-on training session where they learn everything they need to know about writing for Guideposts. That’s how I got my start! And, my winning story was the first story I’d ever submitted anywhere! So it can happen to you, too. Guideposts is always looking for personal stories of change that will help their readers. While some may have considered Guideposts geared more toward the mature reader, they are currently seeking stories about younger people. So you can keep that in mind! Another great way to break into Guideposts is by writing one of their features, such as the popular "His Mysterious Ways."


Patricia said...

Thanks for asking about submitting to Guidepost. Having an article or short story published would give the writer an opportunity to touch a lot of readers. Good luck!

Kate Wicker said...

Thanks, Peggy and Patricia for this insightful series. Now I just have to find the time to market myself to Guideposts as mom of two little ones and a baby on the way!

God Bless,