Friday, January 8, 2010

Indie Books Stores

Poets & Writers
Inside Indie Bookstores
by Jeremiah Chamberlin

Richard Howorth, owner of Square Books, Oxford, Miss., was interviewed by Poets & Writers magazine in the inaugural installment of a new column, Inside Indie Bookstores. Howorth spoke with Jeremiah Chamberlin about his initial vision for Square Books, how a bookstore can stay relevant in the 21st century and the future of independent bookselling.

In reply to a question about the future of indie bookstores, Howorth said, "It's a very difficult business. But in many ways, I like the fact that it's a difficult business. Otherwise, people who want to make money--by selling crap--would be trying to get into the book business."

Howorth also observed that in terms of the future of books, he is excited about "what's happened at Square Books, Jr. We're selling more children's books than ever. The level of enthusiasm and excitement about books from toddlers to first readers to adolescents and teens... if you go in there and hang around for a few hours, you would never even think that there might be such a thing as a digital book."

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