Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Writers Needed for New Book for The Catholic Market


You can contribute to a Catholic book being published, “Letters to Priests, Thanking The Men Of The Catholic Church.” At last an opportunity to thank priests for their every day dedication to healing, help and support of those who seek help.

Authors Anne Hughes and Teena Adamick are looking for writers.

This new publication will be a compilation of letters of thanks written by people from all over the world who have been helped, supported and encouraged by a priest/priests. Please join us in this opportunity for healing.

Sharing your letter of thanks may be healing for you and others. Many of us share the same sorrows and in thanking your priest you may be a source of hope and healing for others as they read of your journey and have deeper hope for their own journey. Please join us in this new publication dedicated to healing through expressions of thanks, hope and encouragement.

E-mail Anne Hughes or Teena Adamick

at, or visit


or send a letter to

Anne Hughes
P.O. Box 482
Ada, Michigan, 49301.

Please consider writing your story of gratitude. It will make you proud to be a Catholic. What a great gift to give your children on their wedding day. This is a book in progress. Your post may be published. Healing comes in many forms. Gratitude, and thank you notes, are profound for both the writer and the receiver. Catholics have tools to help them through life’s struggles, prayer, the Rosary, and Priests.

You can write about divorce, grieving, loss of jobs, happiness, whatever part of life a Priest helped you with. Thank them for words that guided your life. 

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