Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Sacred Journey by Charles Foster

The Sacred Journey
By Charles Foster
Foreword by Phyllis Tickle

When Jesus said, “Follow me” Peter and Andrew dropped their nets and picked up their feet. Moments later James and John stopped squinting at the sun, hopped out of their boat and heeded the call. Without instruction, baptism, confirmation, repentance, or a supply of weekly envelopes to stuff these first followers began moving. A drop what you are doing, leave the familiar behind, get your feet dirty walk with Jesus.

Author Charles Foster bluntly and forcefully introduces his readers to the “theology of pilgrimage” one of the seven ancient practices of our faith. He shows us what it means to physically seek God and the inherent dangers associated with remaining still. The journeys he describes are varied … walking the Stations of the Cross at your local church or one across town, a trip to an unexplored shrine, or roaming an ancient city. The idea is to see ourselves, our world and others in a new and different way. When we pick ourselves up and experience the unknown we must do so with a willing and open mind and the curiosity of a disciple. The scared journey isn’t about arriving at a specific destination, instead it is the small momentary “ah-ha” moments that take place when we realize we all called to journey … to leave the familiar behind and seek God.

Notice: This book was provided by the publisher for review. The comments are my own.

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