Friday, April 29, 2011

Story Engineering Is A Must!

Author Larry Brook asks the question "does the world need another book about writing?" After reading this one my answer is definitely ... yes!

-Story Engineering "shows the storyteller what to write, where to put it, and why it works there without any of it being remotely formulaic." And any writer (beginner or seasoned) should know and practice the adage - show, do not tell.

-Using 6 core competencies (think concept, character, theme, structure, scene execution, writing voice) Mr Brooks takes the would-be novelist by the hand and guides them through the entire process ... "Step by excruciating step." Using well-known novels, popular TV shows and movies as examples the writer is taught what works and what doesn't. Working as a community writing instructor for fifteen years I know what writers need to write their first or next novel and this book delivers.

-"Nobody on the planet teaches story structure better than Larry Brooks. Nobody," says Randy Ingermanson, and he should know he wrote the book Writing Fiction For Dummies and is the creator of the snowflake method.

-The chapter on wrapping your head around theme is a must read (I judge all writing how-to books on whether they have an index - a necessity in my opinion and how the author handles the subject of theme.)

- Story Engineering will help the future novelist reach their goal and help save time doing it.

-This one goes on the keeper shelf.

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