Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How To Write A Book Proposal

How To Write A Book Proposal
By Michael Larsen AAR

A review of the table of contents is enough to cause the interested reader’s heart to race. And if you are a nonfiction writer with a book to market or an idea to propose – you’ll be interested.

But does the book live up to the chapter headings? Why yes it does … and more.

The author reveals “Why now is the best time ever to write a book.” (There are 20 good ones listed in chapter one!)

“Getting off the pin: the first three steps to take with your idea.”

“Getting paid to write your book: the parts of an irresistible proposal.” While novels have to be written before marketing, nonfiction is generally offered to the publishing house with a sparkling proposal. Did you know a proposal has three parts … overview, outline, sample chapter?

Selling the sizzle, naming rites, sizing up the comps, getting published or self-published, and finally “from author to authorpreneur” everything the nonfiction writer needs is contained here.

I’ve taught this class many times over the years. This book (the revised 4th edition) is fresh, up to date, and very valuable. I highly recommend it.

Note: This book was provided by the publisher for review. My review is based solely on my opinion.

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