Monday, July 11, 2011

Kate Wicker's Weightless

Kate's book, Weightless ... is coming out in August.

"There is a wave of body dissatisfaction sweeping across society. While bookstore shelves are well-stocked with tomes on how to overcome body image problems, very few take a faith-based, much less Catholic, approach to self-healing. Weightless: Making Peace With Your Body speaks not only to those who may have faced an eating disorder, but also to anyone who wants to live an abundant life, unencumbered by our culture's obsession with thinness, physical beauty, youth, or food." (Servant Books)

_Kate is one of the first real Internet connections I made. We met during an online writing conference and I quickly recognized that this young wife, and mother (to three girls and a baby due in August) is a terrific person and one that I hoped to get to know better. Over the years we've exchanged letters and thoughts, and I've sought her advice a time or two (thanks Kate) and I've watched this talented writer make a name for herself.

_Kate is a senior writer for Faith & Family. Her articles can be found in Atlantic Parent, Canticle, Catholic Exchange, Catholic Mom, Woman's Day, Writer's Weekly and a whole lot of other places. She blogs here And now her first book is about to be released.

_ I'll post a full review as soon as I snag my copy. Until then check out Elizabeth Foss' review on I hope you will join me in reading this book.

Her blog Mom... is here


Kate Wicker said...

Thank you so much for your support. I'm very honored. God bless!

Patricia said...

Thank you for sharing your story.

My guess is that Weightless will be a bestseller ...I know I'm looking forward to reading it.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you are feeling okay. Waiting for Baby Wicker news ... but not too soon!