Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review - Constantly Craving

"If I had that job, or that relationship, or lived in that city or that house, or lost twenty-five pounds, or gained a lot of money ... then I would be happy."

We want more, we need more, we just want what every one has, we long to be happy. Bigger is better, right, after all we deserve to be happy. Right?

The big news according to author Marilyn Meberg is that getting more isn't the answer we're looking for. Craving won't make us whole or happy. It will keep us on the path of restlessness and the endless loop of searching. In the end the only thing we'll have is the perfect list of wants.

There is something deeper going on in our lives that we may not even recognize.  We only think think that we need the perfect black skirt, or a different car to make us happy.

Actually, we know from past experiences that checking off items on our wish list simply gave us more space to add more items. The high didn't last because it didn't address the real dissatisfaction.

What we crave is purpose. If we say we are Christians we want to find our "God-given meaning for living."  We want a relationship with our Creator, to discover His purpose for our lives, we want to serve Him and be of service to others.

Marilyn Meberg's Constantly Craving will help the reader discover "the how, when, and where of living out our purpose." God is not indifferent to the details of our lives, should we be any less mindful?

Marilyn is known for her common sense, great stories, being a speaker with Women of Faith. Here's how to connect with her: .

Thomas Nelson supplied this book to me for a review. The words and opinions are my own.

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