Monday, July 30, 2012

Maeve Binchy, R.I.P.

Beloved Irish author Maeve Binchy has died. During her career she sold more than 40 million novels world wide.
"The author said that her secret was to write the way she spoke."


Carol Bindel said...

40 million. Imagine. I absolutely hate rejection letters, and had gotten to the place where I simply did not submit and therefore did not get rejected. Of course, during that time, I rarely got published, either. And now I come to the publication of my first book with a publisher who sought me out rather than vice versa... What a very strange world, in general, and how strange the writing and publishing business, in particular. And what a legacy left to us by one who didn't stop submitting, Mave Binchy.

Scarlett Rains said...

Maeve was a darling! Look at the sweet expression on her face. What a loss!

Patricia said...

Carol, Congratulations on the sale of your first book! (and by-passing the dreaded submission process).

I agree the business of getting books to market has changed dramatically! But along with these shocking changes comes a lot of opportunity ... at least that is my impression. I wonder if industry experts even understand the direction book making is headed.

Good luck with letting interested readers know about your latest! Care to share your marketing plans?

Patricia said...


I'm dedicating December as Maeve Month. I intend to read a couple of her novels during the holiday season.

It has been so long since I've read them it will be like reading them anew.

Yes, she and her stories will be missed.