Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Freedom


Scarlett Rains said...

I've seen this video before and I thought it was well done. Having been reared in a military children's home, I have a strong patriotic sense of duty. Our country is changing and we must be mindful to participate and do our part to make the changes beneficial to the whole.
God bless you, Patricia, and God bless our country.

Patricia said...

Hi Scarlett,

I share you patriotic feelings and wanted to acknowledge July 4th ... I think Matt Damon did a great job. I especially liked his quote: "...a perfect union will not just happen...."

You are the first (and only) person I've met that was reared in a military children's home. I suspect you have had an interesting life.

Thanks for stopping by,

Blessings and Peace to you, Patricia