Friday, August 3, 2012

Discover Mystery with Poisoned Pen Press

Poison Pen Press is giving away free ebooks this week. Three books by three great authors, each with multiple series that have garnered starred reviews and consistent raves.

Judy Clemens' Embrace the Grim Reaper (#1 in this new series)
   Genre: Women Sleuths

    Casey Maldonado's life is over - at least as she knows it. In one brief moment of fire and wrenching metal, everything important was gone. The car manufacturer was generous with its settlement, but it can never be enough. Her family and friend - not to mention lawyers - want her to go for more. More money. More publicity. More everything. But Casey is done. No financial gain or courtroom retribution will bring back what really matters ....

Concrete Desert by Jon Talton (A David Mapstone Mystery #1)
   Genre: Police Procedural

   Having recently lost his job as a history professor, David Mapstone returns to his boyhood home of Phoenix, Arizona, to find the city dramatically changed. It's now a haven for the wealthy retirees and a seasonal retreat for West coast "sophisticates." But pockets of his earlier life - some welcome, some not - remain. Mapstone eagerly accepts a temporary job from his old friend and Maricopa County Chief Depty Mike Peralta: Look into still-open cases and see if he can close any. David is beginning to settle into his new job when his college sweetheart appears at his door one evening. True to his memory of her, she is there because she wants something. Her sister is missing and she want him to look for her.
   Mapstone's search for the missing woman is quickly resolved when her body is discovered in the desert, but he is stunned to find the dead sister in circumstances identical to a sensational 40-year-old unsolved murder....

Dangerous Undertaking, A Buryin' Barry Mystery by Mark de Castrique
   Genre: Police Procedural
   Barry Clayton has a job he doesn't want. When his father became stricken with Altzheimer's, barry left the Charolotte police force for the small mountain community of Gainesboro, North Carolina, where his family runs the local funeral home. "Buryin' Barry" reluctantly assumed the mantle of town undertaker, trying to fit his life into this somber profession. Almost at once it turns deadly...

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Publisher Note: "We can give away a book for free on Apple, but please remember that Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and all force us to set the price to no less that $.99. However, if enough of you click on the link, 'tell us about a lower price,' ... which is just above Customer Reviews on, then usually Amazon will quickly price-match at $0.00.

Robert Rosenwald
Poison Pen Press - Discover Mystery

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