Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Be Still My Soul

If you haven't already read Joanne Bishchof's novel, Be Still My Soul,  you're in for a treat. This first novel  set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is from Multnomah Books and kicks off her   Cadence of Grace   series.  Though My Heart is Torn, Book Two is available for preorder, and Book Three releases later this year. Already popular with fans, this is an author to follow.

     It was an innocent enough kiss between shy Lonnie Sawyer and bad boy Gideon O’Riley. But innocence like opportunity is in the eyes of the beholder and Joel Sawyer, Lonnie's hateful and abusive father is all about opportunity. Moving quickly he makes a secret deal with Gideon’s father, uses force to arrange the marriage between this young couple and gets rid of his eldest daughter in the process. For Joel Sawyer it is a match made in heaven.
     Marrying Lonnie was the last thing Gideon wanted to do. “Is there nothing … that be done to … prevent this?”
     Feeling hopeless and all alone, Lonnie’s eyes flew heavenward: “You don’t know him…. It’s as good as done now. There will be no reasoning with him.”
     As the shot-gun wedding approaches faithful Lonnie quickly realizes that the Appalachian community is whispering rumors and lies about her behavior. Gideon is angry and sure his life is truly over. They both know the truth, but the truth doesn’t seem to matter.
     Only Lonnie’s aunt Sarah seems to understand the value and necessity of faith in God and that the only opinion that truly matters is God’s and that He always knows the truth.
    Joanne Bischof has written a Christian novel that explores some of the lessons that each of will face as we journey through life. While “shot-gun” weddings are rare today, feeling alone, physically and emotionally depleted, misunderstood, impatient, and the importance of owning our own actions are themes that each of us can appreciate.  Joanne also shows us the value of those who nurture and sustain us in this life. Connect with her here:
Be Still My Soul is published by Multnomah Books. (c) 2012

A copy of this novel was provided by Multnomah Books for the purpose of review. The words are my own. A copy of this review appears on

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