Saturday, November 23, 2013

Secrets of Dynamic Communication

"Prepare with Focus,
Deliver with Clarity
Speak with Power"

"Communication - public speaking, in particular - doesn't just happen. It's a hard-earned skill requiring study and diligent practice." 
Michael Hyatt
New York Times Best Selling Author
Former CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers

     If you are worried about standing in front of your first or next group and giving a talk Ken Davis is here to help. No doubt about it public speaking can be difficult even if you are passionate about your topic. 

     Secrets of Dynamic Communication gives all of us the necessary tools to be a successful speaker and shares more than a few secrets along the way:

The Most Import Ingredient

#1  -  Focus - Know what you want to say ... and don't try to say too much.  Have a single objective and know what it is.

The Presentation

#2  -  Deliver - Never forget the audience. Being prepared and speaking well is only a part of the process... the audience must be engaged.

Practice, Practice, Practice

#3  -  Speak with Power - Let your body talk. "Body language, voice inflection, facial expression, and gestures convey the conviction that makes you believable." Humor, humor is good. 

    This new revised and updated edition is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve their pubic speaking presence. The writing is engaging, definitely reader friendly. Short enough to provide the information is a timely manner and long enough to give spot on lessons on how to give a great talk. 

The end of chapter "Review" is a bonus and I encourage each prospective speaker to complete the questionnaire.  

A copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson for review purposes. The words are my own.

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