Wednesday, May 16, 2018


The Bad Habits of Jesus

Showing Us The Way To Live Right
In A World Gone Wrong

In the Introduction, the author Leonard Sweet reminds us that: "Even though Jesus was God's son, he had habits and behaviors that were considered bad in the eyes of the culture of his day. Some of them seem wrong even today. All of Jesus' 'bad habits,' however, reveal truth's about God's love and message that are vital for us."

There are fifteen lively chapters that describe the often "offensive and scandalous Jesus described in the Bible." Len Sweet credits his three youngest 'kids, Egil, Soren, and Thane' with learning to think and speak in today's new vernacular. Among the chapter titles:  Jesus ... Spit ... Offended People, Especially in High place ... Told Stories That Didn't Make Sense ... Loved to Party ... Broke The Rules ... Focused on the Little Things in Life ... Thought He Was God ... and my momentary favorite ...  Jesus Procrastinated (Chapter Two). 

The Bad Habits of Jesus, has occupied a place on my desk since it pre-publication arrival in 2016. Writing this review has been placed on many of my TO-DO-LIST over these last many months, but it wasn't until yesterday that I (finally!)made it my priority and I'm glad I did. A deceptively easy read, there much to enjoy and take away from this book. 

In my case, I was reminded in Chapter Two that: "Jesus didn't procrastinate due to slackness or indecision or perfectionism or fear of moving forward. Jesus delayed doing what he wanted or needed to do because the timing wasn't right, because he was telling time by his Father's clock and making the most of the time his Father had given him. Jesus stalled because 'there is a proper time and procedure for every matter.' High procrastination for Jesus was less about putting off doing things than about waiting for the right moment to do things, which often conflicted with the timetables and schedules of everyone else.

Disciples of Jesus with this bad habit will be hard to predict because we are constantly being created anew and sent to do things we had no intention of doing....  

Or as Mabel Boggs Sweet said: "God's clock keeps perfect time."

Professor Sweet reminds us: "Teresa of Avila once heard Christ say to her in prayer, '"See yourself in me." When we find ourselves in Christ, we start to find Christ ourselves and each other. Life falls into place when Jesus gets first place. Life is what you make it. Abundant life is what Jesus makes it. Only a right relationship with Christ will right the world. And a good way to get that relationship started and keep it going is to make his habits our own. Even his bad habits. Especially his bad habits.

A discussion guide is included. Also, a Notes Chapter containing relevant footnotes. Thank you, Dr. Sweet and Tyndale, for the opportunity to read and review this book. I've enjoyed sharing my humble and honest response to the work. 

Patricia A. Punt
May 16, 2018

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