Monday, September 29, 2008

Do Titles Really Matter?

Do titles really matter? Yes! Publishers know that a great title can increase book sales. And magazine editors are always on the lookout for an attention grabbing title that can be displayed on the cover to attract readers. Writers need good titles (editors notice those manuscripts first) and readers love them (writers need readers!). Today most of my writing is assigned and once the editor and I have worked out the necessary details (topic, slant, word count, deadline) it's time for me to get started. For me getting started means finding the right working title. I can't begin writing until I have it. Call me quirky, or eccentric but I simply can't begin until I have a title that speaks to me, and one I hope will connect with my readers. And shorter is better these days ... so size does matter.

Finding titles:
  1. Cliche's are a great source (Heart of Gold)
  2. The Bible (think Exodus)
  3. Shakespeare's Work (All Our Yesterday's - my pick for a romance novel)
  4. Timely (Living Green)
  5. Theme (Forgiving Tip ... my children's story title, forgiveness, and a dog named Tip)

I love a good title!

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