Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dialogue, To Give or Get Information

The idea behind "Dialogue" is my desire to stay in touch with former students, clients, and other writers. Being part of a writing community has always been important to me. I've encouraged class members to join or create a writers group for support. Some have stayed in touch, some haven't. Perhaps this blog will become part of the journey for all of us. "Dialogue," a place to offer support, suggestions, share news, and ask questions. A place to talk about new books, and old ones. "Dialogue," a place to give and get information. Think fiction "dialogue is vital to the story, it delivers information and reveals character." "Dialogue" gives life to the work.


Blackjack said...

I have used Patricia both as a Coach / Editor, and have been in her classes. She is very knowledable and has helped me to improve the quality of my finished product and get it to market. If you are looking for a resource to further your efforts, this might be a good place to start.

maybemd said...

There's no better teacher or writing coach than Patti. She understands that writing is a life-long commitment to building writing skills.

When writers ask me about her courses I tell them that she's always supportive, knowledgeable, and open to discovering something new, alongside her students, as she teaches.

Therefore her approach to the classroom is ever fresh, while remaining based on experience in the very different worlds of writing, and publishing.

mbwriter said...

As an aspiring writer, I met Pat during a writing class and 1:1 coaching. Her experience and passion caught my attention, her ability to motivate and guide kept it. Thanks in part to Pat, I received my first publication credit in January 2006 in Massage Magazine. I won 2nd place in the 2005 MWA novel contest for the suspense catogory. I also had two short stories published in the anthology, Voices From the Susquehanna. I am seeking publication of a novel, and I'm happy to have Pat's blog for inspiration and information.