Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Dear Peggy, are magazines looking for any 'hot topics' right now?"

Joyce asks:
"Are magazines looking for any "hot topics" right now? I’m already submitting fillers, evergreen articles and service pieces. All those items are supposed to be a good starting point. I’ve had encouraging responses but no acceptances … yet."

Hi Joyce,
It’s difficult to define a general "hot topic" for all magazines. Evergreen articles do seem to be in demand right how. Holiday pieces are almost always appreciated. Keep your ears open to current trends, but act fast. I assume you are already studying the market needs in magazines such as Writer’s Market and Writer’s Guidelines. Also, each magazine’s website often provides editorial needs. Several magazines have themes determined for the entire year. One such magazine is Pockets. Check out their website for details, and see if you find a good fit. I hope you get that acceptance soon!

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