Friday, January 9, 2009

"Dear Peggy, I have an idea for another book..."

Jen asks:
"I have an idea for another book that would be a compilation of stories from women around the country. The first part of my question is, how would I get these stories? Do I put an advertisement somewhere soliciting stories, buying a mailing list, etc? I’ve seen it done again but I don’t know how it is accomplished.
"The second part of that question is, gathering these stories. I am assuming I also need permission to publish their stories without compensation. Is this correct? How should this be worded?"

Hey Jen,
The website is a wonderful tool to connect with women all over the country. My suggestion is to start a website and advertise for contributions to your book on there. You can create your own simple website for free with google pages. Or if possible, hire someone to build a site for you. Advertising in a writer’s magazine is another idea, or a magazine relevant to your topic. Make it clear before hand that there’d be no payment for these stories. Most authors do offer a copy of the book, however. Yes, you will need consent from the women. When you accept their story, you should then send them a contributor’s consent form. I’m sorry, I’m not really sure of the exact wording. Maybe you could search for that information online. Good luck!


Patricia said...


Interesting idea. Good luck, with this project.


Thank you for the insight on how best to approach this project.

The Treadmill Tribune said...

Thanks Peggy for this information! It definitely helps to put me in the right direction.

Thanks Patricia for putting this opportunity out here!

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