Monday, January 5, 2009

Marketing Advice

Hi! Let me introduce myself quickly. I’m Chrissy Siggee and I have two adult children and three grandchildren and live with my husband of twenty-eight years, in Brisbane Australia.
After serving many years in children and youth ministries, I dedicated myself to Pastoral Care and Counseling to shut-ins, hospitalized and those with special needs. I only rediscovered my childhood desire to write shortly after moving to Sydney in 2006. I began with writing my first novel. I then spent many months housebound in unbearable pain. Partly paralyzed on one side until my surgery in late October 2007, I discovered this would be a major turning point in my life.
I finally found enough courage to have my manuscript edited, then asked a friend if she would design a book cover for me. A website was launched and after I returned from a five week holiday to America, “Out of the Shadow’s – Jenna’s Secret” was published and in my hands. This was early September 2008.
Marketing has become a full time job. Sales came in immediately and steadily from America, New Zealand and Australia. I approached a local bookstore who accepted six copies on consignment. This was the motivation I needed to get started. I began sending long informative emails to major book stores in Australia. Within days I felt like I was on a locomotive that wouldn’t slow down.
An email asking an old friend to assist at a book signing, led me to two speaking engagements within the next two months. Two large church magazines, covering most of Australia, offered to do half page book reviews in their next issues. (December/January) I received a reply and acceptance email to place my novel on the National Independent Book Stores Data Base System, which was available to every independent book store in Australia.
About the same time I was hit by a huge disappointment from one of the largest book store chains in the nation, explaining to me that their stores were franchised owned and I would have to approach each of their 177 stores individually. My heart dropped. I researched, Googled and made telephone calls until I found what I needed. The email I received was not 100% correct in their reply. I was determined I would succeed and replied to the email announcing they were right about the franchise but each franchised purchased from their head office data base system, just as the independent bookstores operated. I also told them that I was disappointed in the lack of communication they must have within their company and with their franchise owners. The following week I received an official apology from the head office general manager. I was correct in my assumptions and my book and details was immediately placed on their data base, and an official launch of my book sent to every franchise owner in Australia.
Next, I used all my accumulated information and finally emailed Koorong’s head office. Koorong is THE biggest Christian bookstore in Australia. I received a telephone call the very next day discussing details and setting up an account as a private distributor; something that is not often done within their company. I had proved my dependability, advertising and marketing skills.
Marketing has slowed down now and I’m beginning to receive the rewards of my early efforts with a second reprint order organized for the New Year. With a second book due to be published in February 2009, I feel ready for the marketing Glimpses Of His Glory with a sense of excitement.
One thing I’ve learned through my marketing experiences is not allow one disappointment to discourage my effort and determination to achieve. It’s also a lot of hard work but very rewarding.
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Patricia said...

Thanks Chrissy, I really enjoyed reading about your success. Thank you for showing us "how to do it."