Monday, January 5, 2009

The Mighty Queen of Freeville, a review

Chris' Critique

A Writers Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Amy Dickinson’s The Mighty Queens of Freeville about the many strong women, highly memorable animals, and the few significant men in her life.
Dickinson opens with a perfect portrayal of a marriage gone bad and flawlessly puts words to the heartache that ensues following the finality's of ending a long term relationship. She writes what we all feel. "First, I wanted it not to end. And second, I wanted for others to share a complete and interior knowledge of my heartbreak, followed by demonstrable grief."
Inspirational stories throughout her life will change the reader’s. These stories concentrate mostly on Dickinson’s attempt to raise her daughter and changing for the better while doing so. It almost seems as though daughter Dickinson (Emily) assisted her mom in the growing process and is granted full responsibility for her mother’s success.
Dickinson’s memoir is overflowing with thought provoking analogies and beautifully visual metaphors. Comparing herself to a caterpillar at a picnic, "inch worming my way in and out of situations," she describes her repetitive habit of what she refers to as "failing up." She effectively personifies emotions previously unimaginable to the reader. For example, when casually mentioning Emily’s prom date, "She would see her crush crushed."
The Mighty Queens of Freeville is representative of a library of books enabling women to empower themselves and their loved ones. Dickinson’s writing is a true to life portrayal of what will happen when women continue to stand by each other throughout the duration of their lifetimes. Only good can come from this.

Chris is a local writer who is currently working on her first book.

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I'm looking forward to reading this one! Thank you Chris.