Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Living The Aware Life

Pete Wilson, the senior pastor of Cross Point Church and the author of Plan B is back with another book. Empty Promises, The Truth About You, Your Desire, and the Lies You're Believing is designed to help the reader recognize and appreciate all that life blesses us with on those perfect, memorable days....

Simply put, we are a
people wired to worship. The
question isn't, "Do we worship?"
The question is, "Who (or what)
do we worship?
--Pete Wilson
... and how to recognize and appreciate the dangers of the idols we create on our journey. 

Our life, counsels Pastor Wilson is shaped by the desires we energetically pursue. To give ourselves and our lives meaning and purpose we want the perfect family, the perfect career, the best house, and the right car in the driveway. We crave money, love, acceptance and  an audience to notice our success. We desire power, we seek security, we value a smart business plan and hard work. And at the end of the week we demand the expected reward.
These things are not necessarily wrong. Who among us doesn't want to love and be loved, to find satisfaction in a job well done and collect the paycheck to keep it all going.

As a society we say we value honesty and the latest technology, we justify the means if the end results is the desired achievement.  We want what we pay for.

But what about what Jesus paid for?

A well-lived life has a different meaning for Christians. We may say that nothing is more important to us than God. But do we really mean that all day and everyday? Is this belief the driving force in our life?  

If at the end of the day if "Chasing A Dream" (Chapter 9) and "The Seduction of Achievement" (Chapter 3) is leaving you restless and unfulfilled you it may be time to examine your practices.

Pete Wilson has given us a practical and useful book for those seeking a true relationship with God. Although this book seems a bit hurried there is still much to be gained by asking and answering the questions posed in the "5 Traps" and "Living Close To Truth"(Chapter 11).

I am a fan of Pastor Wilson's books, and strongly recommend you read this one.

This book was supplied by the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for review purposes. The words are my own.

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