Monday, June 11, 2012

Mystery Reviews From Poisoned Pen Press...Upcoming

I've been given a wonderful opportunity to read ARC's (Advanced Readers Copies) for mystery novels about to be released from Poisoned Pen Press. Their catalogue includes general mysteries, hard-boiled, historical, police procedural, short stories, traditional, British, and women sleuths. It like being given the keys to the neighborhood confectionery.

It is like Christmas in June!

As a reader I've long been a fan of well-written mystery novels; great characters doing interesting things, a couple of dead bodies, suspects and mystery. Who doesn't like a mysterious who-done-it?  Secrets to discover, herrings to be considered, decisions to be made about guilt or innocence.

As I writer I can't help but pay attention to the opening hook, the unfolding mystery, the character reveal, pacing, and marvelous hints dropped into the story. And of course the ending, is it satisfying? Perfectly set up? Will there be another book? Is this a writer I want to read again and again?

So beginning this month I will be posting reviews  for one of my favorite genres. I'll tell you what I think as a reader and as a writing instructor.

 Thank you Poisoned Pen Press! I am a huge fan!

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