Thursday, July 26, 2012

Comments Are Appreciated

When I started blogging here in 2008, my goal was to extend the classroom time for my H.C.C. writing students. The title was easy because I saw this as a place for these new writers to hang out, ask questions, share marketing news and successes.

The idea however, like the road to below was sincere and made with good intentions but it simply floundered. We failed to ... well, to converse on a regular basis or even dialogue.

I quickly realized that blogging takes a lot of time and you know I had other things to do ... like, writing and my other chief occupation procrastinating. I still had a lot to say and wrote dozens of postings in my head,  but getting them online didn't always happen. It was easier to hang out on Twitter and FB. And less likely that I'd make a fool of myself here.

I cared about my former students and often wondered how they were doing. Had Mary Beth found an agent, had Sheila written that historical novel, had Dan finished his YA series?  I know some of them had become readers because they sent me email responses.

It became clear that I wasn't good at getting readers to comment. Most of the readers simply had nothing to say. Or as my writer friend and fellow blogger once exclaimed: "Hey, is anybody out there?" If it weren't for the view counter I wouldn't know the count. Well, except for that month when a young lady call girl kept leaving come hither invitations in the comment box. Now she was dedicated.

But the truth is I'm also guilty as charged. I have favorite blogs I stop by regularly to read ... and leave. With nary a comment. Hmmm, while I was considering this, my new friend Scarlett Rains, Sister of the Hearts Blog was busy writing a great and informative post. "Why Should I Comment On A Blog...And How The Heck Do I Do It?"

And while you're there do read about Scarlett, she is one interesting lady ... oh, and don't forget to leave a comment!


Scarlett Rains said...

You are sweet to encourage folks to visit my blog, Patricia. Thank you, my friend. :)

Patricia said...

Scarlett, great blog ... thanks for generously sharing your expertise with all of us